World Vision. 

Our world vision is often a whirled vision. Whether we want to admit it or not, we do not have all the answers. We fail. We make mistakes. We make wrong provisions. 

Do you know who doesn’t, EVER?! God. He knows every single beat of the universal heart. He knows every action one will take against another. He knows every war that will start. He knew the coming eclipse would happen. 

Oh, how He loves us!! His vision is completely unfurled. He sees every fiber of the fabric of space and time. And yet, we try to control it. We get offended, so we shut away that which offends us. We have views that we believe everyone else should hold, and when they don’t, we fight them. Weapons. Words. The tongue unfurled is a weapon of great distruction!! 

So many things are happening in my world view that are meant to separate and divide us. What do I do? I remain silent and I begin to speak to the one who sees the entire cloth unfurled. I wish everyone would do that. 

He holds our future, but so many are afraid of that future because they may have things to answer to. Sin. Wrong decisions. Words said in fear or anger. Actions taken that need not be because they oppose another. All of these events are unfurled to Our Father In Heaven! 

Is your vision on the world or on Him? Where is your world vision right now? 

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