Let Me Pose A Question. 

I love to look at things from different angles. Look at the object from the left, right, top, bottom, and even from the inside if I can get a spiritual look at it. 

Today’s Daily Post Word Trance has me wondering, is there anyone else who may agree with me that a trance can, in fact, be a very dangerous thing? When we are in a trance, are we still under our own power? And if we are not under our own power what is to stop an evil power from invading our actions? 

How do we ensure our actions are good, noble and true? The only way to do that is to make sure that God and His Holy Spirit available to all of us through our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, is what is engrained within our trance-like thoughts. 

I have been there. I have found myself staring off into space, sometimes it is a blank wall, or a pattern I see on the carpet or ceiling. Often times, for me, these processes are void of any thoughts and I sometimes need to be shaken out of them. These moment are truly dangerous. What is to stop evil from using these moments to cause me to create great harm to our world? 

Lately, our world has been plagued by a variety of opposing thoughts. This morning I had a conversation with a dear friend about combating evil and in what scenarios should we cry out, ‘Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.’ Are these trance-like states, or are people willingly creating situations that are in direct opposition to God’s Peace? 

Trance- it can be good, but it can be very, very bad. Thoughts? 

2 thoughts on “Let Me Pose A Question. 

  1. What we have our mind on is what causes our actions. If we have Christ in our minds, then He will be reflected in our actions.

    In these days where there is so much opposition, it’s important for us to stay focused on Christ. He alone controls it all. We can’t carry thy weight on our shoulders as tempting as it may be. We need to keep Him in our thoughts so that we can continue to reflect Him even when others aren’t. It’s times like this where it’s most important to do so!

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