More Musical Journey. 

I love how the recent Daily Post Prompts have allowed me to share a variety of music. Today’s word Trance, I could literally go on for days!! 

Go to and search Trance Music and you will find hours, days, weeks worth of trance! That is the beauty of mixing music. A good D.J. Mixer can keep the flow going for a long long time! It is a skill I am still working on, but last night I D.J.’d (djayed?) a wedding party and finally I was able to keep the people happy and on the dance floor most of the night! Had it not been for the hotel staff wanting to close down we would have partied even longer! There’s no telling how long I could have kept them there had all the pieces fallen into place. I had them in a Trance Like Children In A Dream!!! That is the awesome power of music! 

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