Live To See Another Day!!

I don’t know if it was known, or seen around the world, but today in portions of The United States we experienced an eclipse of the sun. I was so worn out from my weekend Djaying that I slept right through it. However, I did see footage of it on my Roku device this afternoon. ABC had coverage from Charlestown, North Carolina, I believe it was. 

It’s funny how humans react. There has been those who have been saying this is the beginning of the end. Well, the eclipse came, the eclipse went and here I am, at 8:57p.m. in Minnesota writing to you. 

Other than the eclipse it was really an uneventful day. I went to work. I worked my shift. I came home. I ate some leftover chicken wings. And here we are. 

How was your day? Anything exciting happen? Tomorrow is a new day. I plan to work through it again. That’s how it goes. But, as of September 1st, my wife and I are taking a trip out to see her parents. We need to get out there and spend as much time as we can with her dad. I haven’t mentioned it much on my blog, but he is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Things change so fast with this disease. And we are fighting it!
Go to that link and you can donate whatever and whenever you can in our fight. All proceeds go to help the fight. Yes, there are clerical costs and supplies and staffing costs that the money goes toward as well, but it takes these things to find a cure. Please help. We all should live to see another day, but we all should be allowed to remember the ones that happened too. 

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