Here’s Your Sign. 

My wife and I joined our family, my parents, my brother, his wife and their tree kids at the Wood Lake Fair tonight. My wife and I were in contact with my mom before we even got to the fair. She said, ‘I am here.’ 

Now, if you know anything about the Wood Lake Fair you know you can find anyone you are looking for in 15 minutes or less. Seriously, it’s not that difficult. My wife and I, looked for my mom for nearly an hour!! Where was she? In the church ice cream and pie social, of course!! 

If you ever get a chance, visit this small town fair! It is awesome!! The burger and fries stand that is run by local volunteers is amazing and never a disappointment!! If there is a group of you, you don’t all need to get fries, unless you want a pound to take home! There was 8 of us and we had more than enough fries, which my brother who is really into fitness and football actually put down. So, if you have an athletic person in your group, go ahead, order all the awesome hand-cut fries!! 

The most awesome part of the night was seeing something I never thought I would see in my life. As most of you who follow my blog know, I am in a wheelchair because I was born with Spina bifida. Thankfully, the community center bathrooms were available. Because if they were not.. 

This was my option. Notice the curb in the front of the door? We had a good long laugh about this. And I wanted to share the joy we find in life with you all. 

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