Mood Ooze!

Your mood oozes. Did you know that? When you roll your eyes, or huff, it oozes from you. When you love someone, your love and admiration oozes from you. Moods ooze. I can read people like words on a page. Most of the time, I happen to be right. Sadly, most of the time it is a bad mood that I see. 

God wants us to take joy in this life! He wants us so filled with His Holy Spirit that we ooze gratitude and happiness. When we are filled with The Holy Spirit we know there is nothing this life can throw at us that is out of His control. 

When our mood is grumpy and all is wrong with the world, it creates a tone that will follow us all day like an ooze! And eventually, no matter how fast we run, it will catch up with us and it will overtake everything with which we come into contact. 

What is your mood oozing today? Is it a mood worth catching? Or will people run away from you like the blob? 

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