Human Visceral. 

Related to deep inward feelings rather than intellect. There are many who say these days that human visceral is a bad, terrible thing that must be abolished. Why? Because it involves feeling, faith, if you will. 

Deep within each and every one of us we have a spirit. For some, it is alive and well. For others, they push it down as far as they can. They bury it under hurt feelings, and opinions of others. 

My friends, family, loved ones, people I don’t even really know, if you are a human being reading this I need you to understand, that deep feeling that there is more to this universe than you have been led to believe is absolutely, undeniably true.  I believe it was yesterday, maybe the day before when I wrote about there are things we know, there are things we don’t know, and there are things we don’t know we don’t know- This is where the visceral lies! Those deep-seeded belief systems that keep telling you, ‘You can’t!’ ‘You won’t!’ whether the end of the phrase is do that or amount to anything, they are lies!!! 

Every single human being is born with a knowledge of God. But, how quickly this world extinguishes that fire within us! The Bible says we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Imagine if that belief, that truth was allowed to remain in the visceral of every single human being!!! There would be far more of us seeing miracles every single day. 

This world you live in, it’s not science, it’s relationship! It’s God, who has given us the knowledge piece by piece THROUGH science. He is communicating through the visceral every moment of every day! But most have too much other noise going on to bother hearing Him. That’s why He gets further and further away every day. We are letting Him go. 

We need to return to the visceral that is engrained within each one of us. The Holy Spirit is whispering to you every moment of every day. That is the human visceral. Do you have the courage to not only listen, but respond in your actions? Imagine the world we could create if each one of us realized we are mindfully connected. Let us start right now with this post. 

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