Visceral Thinking. 

Without Visceral there can be no God. I read Sarah Young’s devotional, Jesus Calling, today and it talked about making people and objects idols. When we love anyone or anything above God we are in the wrong, we are sining. 

The visceral deals with deep-seeded thoughts that are outside of normal intellect. God is so much larger than any human or Earthly intellect. He created it all. So, as you can see, to put anyone or anything above Him, is pure nonsense. Our normal intellect says, ‘This life is all you have! There is nothing more! Grab all you can now!’ But that is not visceral thinking. That is every day, all that matters is what I can observe with the five senses thinking. With that method, there is no need for visceral and there is no need for God. And that, my friends is a dark and lonely road to travel. 

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