Inhabiting Change. 

Inhabit, To live in or occupy. We as human beings all Inhabit planet Earth. It has been said the entire population of planet Earth, given 3.5- square feet of space, 3.5- feet, by 3.5- feet, can fit in Jacksonville, Florida. This, of course, has been proven false. But, the notion still remains, WE ALL LIVE ON EARTH!! 

We inhabit this planet from the moment we are born until we take our last breath. Then, the real inhabitance happens. As a Christian, my true inhabitance is in Heaven. And as such, I am not to worry about myself on this current plane I am inhabiting. I am, however, to worry greatly about every other human being with whom I come in contact!! And we have seemed to have that erased from our memories as well. 

Earlier today I went to Subway for lunch. Before I went I asked my wife, who is still hard at work as I type this, if she wanted a sandwhich or lunch brought to her office. She said no, but she did want ice cream. Yeah, sometimes she is a five-year old again and I love and adore that about her!! 

So, I pull up to the drive-thru at our local Subway and my order came to just over $8. I had $10 cash on me. I gave the sandwhich maker the $10 and took back my change. In the time that I put my order in and pulled up to the window, a car pulled in behind me and placed an order. As the girl at the register finished charging my order I asked if she had the total amount rung up for the car behind me. She did. I handed her my debit card and said, put it on here! I have at very few times participated in the drive-thru difference, but God looked at me today with less than $200in my checking account and said, You will have enough. Do this. 

Why did I do this? Because the Holy Spirit inhabits my soul and He is not going anywhere. We can try to evict Jesus and God, who are the same through and through, from our churches, our homes, our schools and our work and play places, but we fail to realize, HE INHABITS EACH ONE OF US!!! He created us!!!! Just because you put your bad habits in a closet and try to hide them away doesn’t make them any less real. We need to deal with things! 

The biggest thing we need to deal with right now, here, today, is our very own ♥️!!!!! Satan implanted greed and envy and all these bad things into our hearts and we have given them so much power for generations!!! God inhabits your soul right now!!! Cry out to Him to make you his ambassador of peace and love, and it will be so!! 

We can be a world of love and togetherness, of one mind of God for all people through Jesus Christ, His Son. But we must let Him inhabit each and every heart, mind and soul on this planet!! And t is up to those of us who already know Him to be different and be the change God wants to bring about. 

How do we do that? Random acts of kindness and love towards everyone we meet. Pay for foods, pay for gas, pay a person’s light bill if you have extra! Be a friend. Show up. To the friend for whom I didn’t show up this morning, I apologize. Timing got away from me and I didn’t realize time had passed when I promised I would be there. If you read this, you know who you are. But know, I was in the community doing good in your loved one’s memory. 

Speaking of people who have passed on, I want to rid the world of the phrase, I will be there in spirit. No you won’t! You can pray for a person to experience the peace and calming of The Holy Spirit, but that is His Spirit. Not yours. Your spirit is still connected to your human body as long as you are alive. I’ll be there in spirit, is just a nice way of saying, I can’t, or I don’t want to be there. Your spirit is an inhabitant of your body until you die and while you are alive you simply cannot alter that state. 

I would love to see a world where The Holy Spirit inhabits every single human being and we all come together as one and hate and segregation and evil dies. Will I see that? Who knows? God knows. And as the saying goes, It always gets darker just before the dawn. Well, in my 41- years on this Earth, I have undoubtedly seen it get a lot darker!! I pray the dawn is coming soon and Jesus’ peace and love will reign on The Earth for a thousand generations.

 But, if you are reading this and it has touched your heart, it all starts with you. Now you know change is possible. Now you know God created enough for all of us. Now you know there is a Holiness engrained within you. Will you set it free?

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