Dignify Jesus. 

We live in a world that doesn’t believe. If it isn’t seen, it isn’t real. The problem I have been seeing more readily is people don’t believe in Jesus and His Amazing Grace and gift of forgiveness anymore. Why is that? 

The simple truth, Christians don’t dignify Jesus anymore. The world doesn’t believe who He is, simply because we have forgotten too! We don’t make Jesus seem worthy of praise. How can a world that needs to know Jesus praise and elevate Him if we are not showing His True Being! 

The film, To Save A Life, asked the question, what’s the point of all this if you aren’t gonna let this change you? Well, Christians. I am using my blog again today to call us all out. We need to be different. We cannot be of the world. We need to be dignified, so we can help everyone else dignify Jesus! 

So, how do we do that? We act different. We don’t engage every fight to which we are invited. We pray. We ask His Holy Spirit to bring light to the parts of us that need change. We allow Him to work through us. How do we dignify Christ? We get out of His way! We allow Him to fill us up and bring us to the fullness of His Own Dignifying. 

But that doesn’t mean we sit back. Oh no! We are in this world, not of it! That means we need to get our hands dirty! We need to draw lines in the sand as He did and say, Let He among you who is without sin cast the first stone! And then elevate Jesus so that everyone can see the grace that is only available through Him. 

You want this world to change? Then dignify Jesus. 

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