Don’t Know What Happened!! 

I have been a blogger with my site for more than 3 years now. It started out slow as all blogs then over the last year to year and a half, it exploded!!! Then, over the last three months, it completely died! I am lucky to get 15 views a day for the last couple months!! 

My editor always says, ‘You are putting a positive message out there! Don’t be so concerned with the numbers! If you write it, they will come.’ She said. Well, I have been averaging three posts a day and my views have gone down! I really want to bring happiness and good attitudes and joy to the world, but it only counts in the blogger’s world if the world cares enough to click! 

Yes, I admit, monetizing my blog and being paid to write has been on my radar from day one!! But, that is not my sole purpose. My Soul Purpose, is to inspire. But lately, I have been drawing from a nearly empty tank. I fill up enough to make it through the day, and then, by night, I am running on inspirational and Holy Spirit fumes! 

And so, today, I found a Community Pool. YAY!!! Let me share my blog with others!!!! Nope! Couldn’t find the end of the comment chain to put a comment in, so apparently God blocked that door too. As my editor would now say, ‘Now is the time to just pray. Have faith.’ She’d say. 

I dunno. This is such a negative post. Should I even post it? Are there others out there who feel like they have a passion that isn’t allowed to become a roaring fire?! I sure do right now. Today is a sunshiny day here in West-Central Minnesota, so that’s a definite blessing and helps bring my spirits up. But I still want to expand my blog reach! After 3.25 years of blogging and posting at least 3 posts a day, I’d say that isn’t too much to ask. Thoughts, anyone? Am I in the wrong here? 

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