The Power Of Attitude. 

It has been said that birds of a feather flock together, but lately, opposites attract, I could argue too! When your attitude is bright and cheery, you tend to bring in bright and cheery people. That has happened to me. But lately, I have really seemed to find the people who need help. They need prayer, or money, or food, or a listening ear. I have had hundreds of people approach me who need recovery from illness. Wow! Is that a tough one! 

God is the great physician and He can sometime bring in opposite people from you so you can minister to them and help them in their trials. Just yesterday, I took a few minutes during my work shift and I prayed with a man and his son. Now, the surprising thing is, this is a man who has not wanted anything from God. He had felt injured in the past and kept asking why God did this to him. I kept saying, God didn’t. And then yesterday, he approached me with his son, which I also found interesting, and said, God is calling me back to the fold, I need prayer and I need prayer for a very dear friend who is having health issues. 


God works in mysterious ways, so don’t be surprised when He flips the magnetization on ya! He can work His ways in many different ways and they can often be polar opposites of what we think should happen. 

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