Gone To Soon. 

WordPress has done it again with their Daily Post Word Of The Day! On August 27th, the word of the day was Homage! Well Done, WordPress!! 

August 27th, 1990 we lost a Musical LEGEND!! He was clean and sober, and just coming into the highlights of his career when a helicopter crash took him from us. Any fan of His knows of whom I am speaking right now. Yes, the man, the legend, Stevie Ray Vaughn!!!!!! I admit, I was not a fan while he was alive. I was 14 when he died in 1990. 

Today, I appreciate his talent and I am not a Voodoo Child, but I truly do admire how he overcame his demons in his life and didn’t get caught in the Crossfire that meant to try to take his talent and his inspirations from us far sooner than fate did. August 27, 1990 will always be a day I will always hold in high esteem since it was the day we lost one of the greats! Here’s to Stevie Ray Vaughn!! May his memory live in our hearts and his music continue to be played in our ears. 

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