Proper Enamoration. 

Enamored good. Filled with a sense of love for doing good. It still exists. There are those who will always try to tear it down. There are those who will try to snuff out the light. But when we are enamored with something, we will achieve it at all cost. 

Being enamored is a sense of enchantment. We can become under a spell with it. Too often we become enamored with hurting others. We seek revenge and not reconciliation. I think we all have heard stories or been the person who has a light switch go on with our anger, or maybe that is when the light switch turns off and we go in the dark. 

Being enamored, I think, can be a good thing or a bad thing. I believe that being enamored means we will stop at nothing until we reach our goal because there is a higher sense at work within us. So, I want to encourage you today to seek being enamored by the proper things. We must not return evil for evil. We must seek to do good in this world. 


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