Lost Memories. 

I can remember the smell of a hospital room. 

I can remember the time I was told I was not going to go along on a trip to Granite Falls as a kid after supper and I said, ‘This is where I put my fork down!!’ And everyone got a good laugh out of that one. 

I can remember being in a body cast as a kid and the fear that struck me when the doctor came to saw off the cast and didn’t tell me what he was doing. 

I can remember the feeling of having an NG tube put up my nose into my stomach. 

I can remember the many times I looked at my wife and her beauty and the feeling of love and adoration I still have for her to this day. 

I can remember what my family all looks like even though for some it has been years since we have seen each other. 

And then, there are the thousands of people who live each day with Alzheimer’s disease. They may end up in a place they have not been to in years. They may forget the face of their spouse even though they see them every day. They forget every day basic tasks that we take for granted because we have them memorized. 

One day, their body forgets itself how to operate and it stops. Science is trying to figure out where this comes from and how we can go about stopping it. We have cured many diseases, but Alzheimer’s robs so many of so many things! Memorization of anything with alzheimer’s cannot happen. The signals of memory get shut down. 

It’s not fair! It’s not fair to the person with the disease and it sure is not fair to the loved ones who have to watch helplessly as their own memories fade away from the eyes of a loved one. 

But, today, this moment, YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THE PATH!!! 

My father-in-law is in the final stages of this disease. It is with great sadness and admiration of the life he lived that I tell you, his time is indeed short in the grand scheme of things. Yes, he may live quite a few more years, or he may be going soon. I have seen him deteriorate in the last 5 years a great deal. But, TODAY YOU CAN HELP FIND A WAY TO STOP THIS DISEASE!!!  

Click This Link To help donate to the cause to find a cure!! 
My wife and I are raising money to help fight this disease of alzheimer’s and see that as few people as we can don’t have to battle this terrible disease that robs so many of so many things. Alzheimer’s never affects just the person who is going through it. I say going through it because that is all one can currently do. There is absolutely no battle plan for alzheimer’s right now. Once it gains a foothold in the brain as it stands right now, today, it is 100% fatal. 

Day by day memories fade. Day by dad the ability to memorize simple things like your address, phone number, family faces and how to dress and feed yourself fade away. Does that seem fair to you???! It is absolute torchure to witness!! 

As I said, today, with any dollar amount you can, YOU CAN HELP RIGHT NOW!!!! click the link and even a dollar towards the goal counts. Please help when and where you can. This world is full of many battles and This is the one that is VERY PERSONAL to me. Please help with a donation today.

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