Well, Here It Is. 

Sittin’ in an Exxon gas station in Bismarck, North Dakota. Yesterday as we left Minnesota the air quality was quite hazy. Came to find out we have wild fires on two sides of us! Canada, North of Minnesota is burning. And Montana, the state we are traveling to is burning with fires as well. The story with that is a hawk was carrying a snake, presumably as its dinner, and the snake hit a power line. Apparently the hawk wanted its dinner cooked! Well, that created sparks which caused the fires! 

I do not know what has caused the fires in Canada, but it’s an adventure! As we embark on day two of our trek all is well so far. We should be arriving in Lewistown, Montana, which is under a dangerous air warning because of smoke today. Well, that’s more time to spend indoors, shopping, talking, maybe restaurants. It will be great no matter what! 

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