To Educate. 

One of my favorite films ever about education is Dead Poets Society. Okay, it IS my favorite education film ever!! Robin Williams? I could have watched him do ANYTHING! He always made everything funny, and yet, he was suffering so much. Just like one of the teenage characters in Dead Poets Society. 

We need to educate people on the problems with depression and other illnesses that are looked down upon. Let me rephrase, we need to educate anyone who thinks they have any right whatsofreakingever to ever look down on anyone for any reason ever at all. Take your self righteous attitude and get in line far away from planet Earth! 

*** Deep Breath**** 

I didn’t really mean that last part, but it all starts with education. I wish I would live to see a world of peace with humanity. Sadly, Satan rules the playground and no level of education can change an ugly heart. But, we can combat it with our own positive actions. I Make Positive Actions Come True will cause impact!! Will you do that today? 

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