Great Expectations. 

Humanity can only do so much without the power of Almighty God. Human beings can only create miracles through His power. Right now, as I type this, our world is plagued with floods and hurricanes, fires and droughts. We as human beings are doing all we can to fight these forces, but on and on they rage. 

As I type this thousands of acres burn here in Montana and Idaho. I learned yesterday even parts of California are burning. People are losing lives. People are losing precious mementos of earlier days when no worries were among them. 

Today, thousands of people are in anticipation as storms rage and loom within the distance. Do we stay, or do we go? These same questions were asked of a few in earlier times as well. Do we venture forward, or do we stay here? Will we drop everything we know and follow this new path? 

Anticipate is defined as predict, expect. But what do we do when we can’t predict or expect? We keep on doing the best we can and, for millions, that involves bringing Jesus to the table. But, we must be certain we are doing it correctly. Jesus operates in Love, not judgment, edification, not demolition. If we are not giving our all to our fellow human beings, we have it wrong. 

As Christians, we need to anticipate that Christ will return one day and we need to do all we can today in love to prepare for that and help others see the Glory only found in Christ Jesus. That way, they too will anticipate His return. What is the world expecting today? Give them more than they expect in love and grace. 

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