Unseen Things. 

My wife and I are spending time with her parents in Montana. We have been here for five full days now. Last night the air was so clear! So, my bride and I went for a stroll because we heard if we got away from the town lights we would be able to see The Northern Lights. 

I have seen them before, but my wife never has. I guess I spend too much time looking up. I have seen planes, satellites, shooting stars, planets, constellations and yes, even The Northern Lights. So, she google-mapped how far it would be to stroll out of town to be able to see them. It turns out, it was just shy of a mile. Oh, okay! Let’s get to strollin’! 
We walked to what we considered to be the edge of town, no, it was not! But, it was a beautiful scenic overlook that alllwed us to see the shadows of the Judith Mountains in the moonlight. My wife tried to get a good picture of the Judith Mountains, but on our phones it didn’t turn out. So, she decided, let’s take a photo of that big, beautiful moon!! She snapped a photo on her phone. 

What appeared to be a smaller moon appeared on the photo, but we couldn’t see it with the naked eye. ‘What is that??!’ I exclaimed! I have spent enough time looking up into the night sky to know, that was not normal! 

So, since we couldn’t see the northern lights, we decided to begin the trek back to her mom’s house. We got about a block away and I said, ‘Take another photo and see if that star, or planet, shows up again.’ Sure enough! It did!! 

I wish I had access to the photos, I may update this post later when I talk to my wife and see if I can use the photos. We took another six photos and in each one, it was visibly on the viewfinder of the phone something actually in the sky! It was not a lens anomaly. It was not a smudge! In a couple of photos you can see the secret planet hiding behind the leaves of the trees, yet still visible in part. 

What’s my point? Just because you don’t always see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are things in this universe that are changing and at work in greater ways than we currently understand, keep searching! Find those answers. And when the journey is in the dark and you must trudge uphill, either find a new way to return home, or see it through the obstacles and push, push, push!! That’s what I did. 

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