What If Wednesday. 

Image from a google.com search for Rice which led to http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/03/health/is-rice-healthy-food-drayer/index.html

Okay, so the first thought that hit my head with this question I can answer in one word. 

Well, RollingBlogger, what is the question? What food best describes you and why? 

The food I have chosen I am interested to find out if my editor actually agrees with me on this one. The food that best describes me is rice. I am small. I am filling. And when you place me in boiling water, or hot situations, I can expand and become more filling. 

As rice, I am the most versatile of foods. I can get along with basically anything! I can even be turned into other foods like cereal. At the awesome age of 41, I can honestly tell you I do snap, crackle, and pop! 

Yes. Rice. I am filling and good for you! I am rice as a food. 

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