Evening Inspiration. 

I have been in the shadows of the Judith Mountains in Lewistown, MT for nearly a week now. And today’s Daily Post Prompt Crescendo took all day to inspire me, but it finally did!! 

We went golfing today after my bride went to spend some quality time with her dad in the nursing home today. Being at the foothills of mountains can create some great wildlife and awesome hills! 

I don’t golf, so it was my job to drive the golf cart and there were some hills that were great hills and valleys! Some holes you couldn’t even see the destination until you came to the crest of the hill after a crazy crescendo!! And just now, it hit me. 

In order to hit the crescendo of your life, you not only have to be willing to spend time in the valleys, but you absolutely must be willing to make the climb! The journey is never handed to anyone. You must be willing to climb the hills!! Especially when it takes you down into the valleys. 

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