The Holiday. 

Have you seen this film? In the realm of romantic films, this one is top of the line for me. And for the last two days, it has been in my head!! Out driving a golf cart for a buddy of mine here in Montana yesterday, and this movie was in my head! Don’t ask, I know it was odd! But there it is, I have been thinking of The Holiday for two days. Maybe it’s because I have been on holiday with my in-laws and my wife since last Friday! 

Today, the Montana Holiday, The Chokecherry Festival, was happening and as we were strolling down Main Street looking at all the vendors, what was in my head? Yep! The film, The Holiday!! Again, very odd, but that was what was in my head! 

We arrive home tonight after my first shrimp boil with my wife’s enourmous extended family and what is on television as soon as I click it on?? THE HOLIDAY!! I have no idea where God is going with this,  but seriously, The Holiday! Jack Black, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz are the main characters in the cast. And now, its on again as I type this from the beginning! Okay, Lord! What do you want me to get from this? Maybe just joy with the time with these awesome people!! 

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