Is Sympathy Actually Compassion? 

When I think of Sympathy when in relation to my disability, I hate it. Sympathy from anyone because I am in a wheelchair makes me feel like they believe I cannot do it on my own. Guess what. I can! 

I have been up in tractors, yes, I had help getting up there, but I was up there and it was without Sympathy the farmers helped me. It was, ‘Okay! Let’s do this!!’ Type of attitude. That is not Sympathy. 

But, google would have me believe that compassion is the same as Sympathy and I simply don’t see it that way. Like I said, Sympathy to me is feelings when someone dies, or when you feel bad because someone can’t do something you can. The second definition is the one that upsets me. Give me a goal, I will meet it or die trying. (No, Stacy (my editor) this is not an opportunity for you to say, ‘Get up out of that chair and walk!’ She has tried that one before.) 

Compassion, to me, shows understanding. Sympathy, on the other hand shows that the person showing the sympathy has never been in that situation and doesn’t really know how to respond to it. Am I wrong? Let’s discuss it. 

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