Long Road Home. 

Today we leave Montana. It is currently 8:10a.m. and by noon, we will more than likely be somewhere in North Dakota. It has been a good week, a long week and a necessary week all in one. 

To try and explain every detail of the past 9 days would be impossible, but I can tell you all, you absolutely must come to Lewistown, Montana!! There are deer in the yards here! This literally is the land where the deer and the antelope play!! 

The last couple days have been amazingly clear, so I pray the wildfires are getting under control and will be out soon. The chokecherries need a place to grow! 

Speaking of chokecherries, Lewistown, Montana has a festival every year called The Chokecherry Festival! Vendors of all kinds and from all places (in Montana) come here for a one day festival to celebrate the Chokecherry. Chokecherry jams, jellies, and even Chokecherry lemonade are on the menu!! 

See my look of amazement at the crowds? Thousands of people on a three block section of Main Street! Here is just a one percent view of the festivities! 

Even through smoke-filled skies, people came out to celebrate and support each other. There aren’t many wheelchair-bound people in Montana that are not in hospitals, so I was getting some interesting facial expressions from people. My wife even said some parents were taking their children’s heads and facing them front! 

It has been an experience these last nine days, but I am ready to get home. I have less than a month until I have my neck surgery and then it will be taking the rest of the year easy. Somewhat looking forward to that, but also not looking forward to it. 

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