New Life, Same Leaf. 

The title of my blog is I.M.P.A.C.T. Is All Around Us. Well, today, the impact came from another blogger. I was on Facebook when a friend of mine shared This article. 

This man and I are riding life through the wind on the same leaf! I say impact is all around us and inspiration is anywhere, but the truth is. I have let myself fall so far away from who God had intended me to be. I started to concentrate on the pain in my life. ‘I can’t do that! It hurts!’ And in the same breath I would be encouraging other people (mainly my wife) to push through the pain! ‘The only way to get stronger is to push THROUGH the pain! Go faster! Push harder!’ I would say! 

This article has changed my perspective!! Read it!! And then live it!! This is probably one of the most important blogs I have ever written and I didn’t even write the important part. 
Read HERE!!!

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