I have not been writing much lately. Combination of things really. I want to write about life, but life has been preventing writing. 

I have a friend living abroad for a year and she writes about her daily experiences. I could write about my experience yesterday but who wants to read about the flu? 🤢!! 

I will tell you though, I have the best wife in all of the world! She has $3 to her name until Thursday when we get paid, had $3 to her name. She was out for a meeting last night and I said, ‘Can you please bring me home a sprite or two?’ She claims she didn’t want to hear me whine if she didn’t do it, so she brought me two sprites! Not the little fairies either, I mean a can of Sprite. 

So, I am two weeks and two days away from my surgery and I gotta say, I am not looking forward to it. I haven’t been healthy lately and being put under when you are not in the peak of condition is truly horrifying. My wife continually says, ‘Oh, shut up! You’ll be fine!’ And I know I will be, or at least that is what I tell my brain. Our thoughts turn into actions, you know. 

Got back from our trip to see my bride’s parents in Montana. That was a hoot!! Sad times and happy times. Good times and bad times. But I am glad we made the journey. It was even better that my parents drove with us out there and back! They continued on to see the grandkids in Idaho. From the sounds of things nature took matters into her own hands with all the fires out there and dumped a bunch of snow on the region. Yay!! They may be able to get things back to the way they are supposed to be now. 

That’s pretty much what has been happening in my world. Not really inspired to write about much else today. Still have a lot to do in the next two weeks before surgery. I can’t wait to find out exactly how long I will have to be out of work and taking it easy after this thing. I am having a fusion of a few vertebrae in my spine. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? But the doctors assure me it is the way to go and it will help. I am honestly hoping I can recoup over the next few months so I can spend some quality time with family. But, we will cross that bridge when we get there. 

I hope everyone who reads this and all those to whom you are connected are well and happy. Take the time today to make positive actions come true. 

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