Finding The Positives. 

I have been out again today with the THIRD DAY of this flu!! This thing is no joke! And I have surgery coming up two weeks from tomorrow. Holy Canoli!! What?? Two weeks??? 

Two weeks ago I was enjoying my time in the smoke of Montana!! We had such a blast there! I felt healthy, my wife and I took a walk across town when a friend said to check out the Norther Lights, we went to The Chokecherry Festival, we had Chokecherry lemonade at a coffee shop!! And it was all the same time ago from now that my surgery is in the future! Oy! 

To be honest, I have been apprehensive about this surgery the last few days and I think that may be causing a lot of my flu symptoms. I will find out on Tuesday how long I will need to be out of work, again, and I am sure they will tell me the same story, ‘We won’t be sure until we get in there and fix what needs fixing to know how long you will need to recover.’ I am really trying to come to patience and peace with this, but every time I have surgery I always worry about the What-if’s that NEVER HAPPEN!! 

And I found out I won’t be getting paid while I am on leave because I stupidly thought at the end of last year, ‘I won’t need surgery or hospitalization! I won’t need to have short-term or long-term disability to help with bills!!’ Oh no! I was wrong! So, that is weighing on me. But I know my Father In Heaven provides for all the animals of the world. He even provides for human beings, but we are greedy and take more than we need and don’t share. But, there is enough. I have managed to survive 41 years with a disability and I will continue to do so. 

I am also asking if any Prayer Warriors out there in the world could keep my little town of Montevideo, Minnesota in your prayers. I am coming out of this flu thing and I checked my Facebook tonight. So much pain. So many questions. One person posted they thought they may have heard a gunshot in our town. Oh Lord!! I pray it wasn’t!! But still, so many people needing comfort. We had heard rumors today that a small tornado hit our town last night. It was a big storm, no doubt! I don’t know for certain yet if there has been a tornado confirmed, but we need peace!! 

Our whole world needs peace!! Not just little grains of peace, but a wave of peace to flow over our whole world!! My soul aches tonight for so many reasons, but I know God can and will bring the peace. I will continue to see through all the bad stuff and find the positives in this world. Someone has to. 

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