Different Perspectives. 

So, I am sitting in the Walmart parking lot in my home town. I have my wheelchair all put together and sitting next to the car. A truck with a loud muffler pulls out from the space in the spots across the way and stops behind my vehicle. A man gets out and asks, ‘Do you need some help, man?’ 

Now, I could take the feel sorry for me route and get upset, ‘What does this guy think I am? Incapable??!’ 


I could look at it as a fellow human being being a fellow human being and actually giving a damn. 

See, that’s our problem today. We always choose to look at things one way not taking into consideration the positive side. Football players didn’t come out on the field today, one did. Unless you are living under a rock in The United States, you know of what team I speak. 

Now, I used to be one of the ones who said, ‘Show respect for the flag! You have no right to not stand!’ Then, I spoke to servicepersons all over!! They fight for the right to peaceful protest. We are not forced to stand at attention when the flag goes by. So, let’s all calm down and look at things from another perspective before we get all bent out of shape and say things that can escalate into bigger things. 

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