Our Home. 

What can I say about this planet? God gave us Earth as a gift and we have trashed the party!! We have not been good stewards of our resources. And I am to blame too! 

I recycle, I drive my car as little as possible. But I don’t ride share. Hopefully after my surgery next week my spine will be better so maybe I can start rolling more. 

Then let’s get into greed. There is enough on this planet for everyone!! God has provided for every ONE!! So, why don’t we share when we have more than enough? Because we think we need to stockpile. We don’t! What part of Daily Bread have we ignored? It comes DAILY!! So, if you are prepped for next week, month or year, those resources could go to someone who needs them today. 

It has been said this is our only planet. But, my friends, there is an afterlife coming. That is the world we need to prep for. Are we doing all God requires of us so all have their needs met? Not yet. But we can while we are on this planet. What can you do today? 

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