It has been said the universe and everything in it gives off energy waves. Recently I found a series on Netflix called Frequency. A little girl loses her dad, an undercover cop, in a sting gone bad. When she grows up she becomes a successful detective. She hears a voice coming from her dad’s old ham radio. She answers it. Turns out, it’s her dad!! 

20 years after his murder, she is now speaking with him on this ham radio. And they work together to solve crimes, and his murder. The problem is, when they solve one issue, another pops up. What’s the moral of this story? All things are ultimately connected and when we change one seemingly inconsequential detail, we change the whole outcome of the story. Still wanna take away any events in your own life? Still wanna change that one thing you wish went different? What else in your future would you be changing? Something to think about. Stay tuned. 

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