You Can’t Tell Me!! 

You can’t tell me ever again that there is no master plan to life!! I am a cashier at Walmart in Montevideo. Earlier this morning as I was working, two separate customers came into my line who have a family member who is going through the process of Alzheimer’s disease. Two! 

This weekend my wife and I are walking/rolling in honor of her father who is in the final stages of this killer. There is no cure. Alzheimer’s is not a battle in the sense that there is a way to make it better. But it is a battle for the loved ones who watch their loved one go through the process of the disease. It will always progress, at least for now. We are trying to find ways to stop it. Or, better said, medical experts are. 

There was four or five cashiers available at the time these two ladies came in back to back. How is that not fate, or divine providence that this event was to take place and we were to spend the next five minutes being an encouragement to one another? Simple answer, it was no cosmic accident. You cannot tell me that God did not ordain that moment this morning!!! It is NOT POSSIBLE  that was a cosmic oops that worked out to a blessing for 3 people. 

I hope and pray everyone gets to experience the hand of God on their life at multiple times. And then I hope and pray you acknowledge it for what it is- A Divine Miracle and proof of a God who is alive and loves you!!! 


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