A Witty Savior? 

Witty, humorous, amusing, funny, comical. It’s interesting how the journey can change us sometimes. I used to be witty. I used to write poetry off the top of my head. I kept most of that on my Facebook page. 

But for whatever reason, my wittiness, my ability to be comical and funny, has all but disappeared. Yes, I still find a lot of different things pee-my-pants funny, but being the comical one has really lost its flavor with me. 

And then I think about The Bible and the four gospels that speak about Jesus. Not any wittiness or humor in there, is there? I often wonder, it has been said that Jesus experiences all the emotions we can because He is God in the flesh. He has to experience joy, pain, sorrow, anger and yes, even laughter and happiness. I wonder though, do you think Jesus ever laid down some good one-liners on His disciples or the people He met? Is it possible that He is witty and we don’t see it unless we truly look for it? 

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