So Many Questions. 

I found this image on a search. It is from a website that may help us all, please visit!!

I don’t know if this is making news around the world or if it is just the top thing everyone, yes, I mean everyone in the United States is talking about this morning. There was a terrible act of violence carried out by what they believe was one lone gunman. 

At last count I believe I read 20 people have died, and more than 400 have been injured. Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada is the scene where what appears to be a lone gunman from an elevated position in the hotel began firing into a crowd of people. I listened to a video released by a national news source and it is horrific! Sounds like something one would hear in a war zone. 

What brought this one? Why did this person decide to commit this act? How did this person get their battery of weapons into the hotel? Was this a strategic, planned shooting? Was it random? What was in the person’s mind to go through with this? Were there any warning signs? Could this tragedy have been prevented? Can a tragedy like this be prevented in the future? Are stricter gun laws the answer? Is a more thourough background check the answer? 

And quite possibly the question that even places blame on me, as a Christian, what can I do to ease the suffering of not only those who were part of this act of violence and have either been killed or wounded in whatever way by it, but for the shooter himself, what can I as a Christian do to help ease the obvious suffering that caused this tragedy?? 

Yes, I am taking some of the blame myself. Did I know the person who committed this act? No. But, I do know a few people who witnessed it. Thank God Almighty they are all accounted for and safe! As a Christian I hold the entire power of The Holy Spirit within me. As Christians around the world, we all do. And it is well past the time for us to start using that Holy, Supernatural power!! What if by showing compassion we could have prevented this??! 

This needs to be our daily focus from now on!! Evil cannot and will not win!! And that means we need to battle it in the here and now when we see it!! Love and compassion eradicate evil every time!! I keep thinking of what Jesus said in the garden the night before His crucifixion, ‘He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.’ I think we saw that in Action in Las Vegas with today’s news. 

Please join me in praying for Las Vegas. Join me in praying for our world. So many people are lost and hurting and only the Holy Spirit can help stop it. Lord Jesus, hear our prayer. 

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