Funny Thoughts With Rolling Blogger. 

I am sitting in a car in the twin cities metro area in Minnesota. I am waiting on my mom to finish her shopping needs. I had a doctor appointment here this morning that was over in about 20 minutes. Three hour drive for a 20 minute appointment. Funny!! 

So, I am a passenger today. My dad is driving and I am sitting in the back seat wanting to recline my seat to relax. I tend to sleep when I am a passenger. But, I got to thinking about the word Recline. Recline- Shouldn’t that mean to Cline again??! So, I looked up the word Cline, here is what it said, a continuum with an infinite number of gradations from one extreme to the other.

“a point along a cline of activity”

Weird thoughts that enter my head, I know. But it caused me to smile this morning. In other news, my appointment with the doctor went very well this morning. Now it’s just taking events one day at a time and moving forward with my health. I really am trying to get in the best physical health I have ever experienced. How are you all doing today? Are you living a life of I.M.P.A.C.T.? 

2 thoughts on “Funny Thoughts With Rolling Blogger. 

    1. That is an excellent point!! I need to cherish these moments more and have them more often. Someday I will look up and they won’t be here anymore. I am sorry for your loss of your own parents. I hope you are hanging on to the good memories.

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