Trouble With Denial. 

Daily Post Prompt Word Of The Day- DENY. Oh, the directions I could go with this!! I could start a whole new blog on this one word!! 

Deny Me in front of the world, and I will deny you in front of The Father. 

Deny that there is a problem and it will escalate. 

Deny that you know the truth and you will pay a price. 

Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt!! 

And we now live in a world where people can deny anything they want as long as it feels right to them. The line between right and wrong has been erased along with the notion that anything is wrong. 

How far will we allow ourselves to fall denying that there are truths that are self-evident? The founding fathers of America built this country on the notion of self-evident truths. But we have taken the last 241 years and twisted it to mean our own truths. We have been denying our maker for so long He doesn’t answer most anymore. 

Denying things can be a heap of trouble. Are we seeing that in our world? I think that is more than self-evident. There is trouble everywhere because if what you need doesn’t agree with what I think you need, we deny it. Denial is a tricky road to traverse. There are so many intricate parts to it. How do we make sure we have a world where all are provided for? Any suggestions? Let’s open up the table to discussion. Or will you now deny that option? 

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