Small Whispers. 

I am a man who always tries to help. It does not matter the cost to me emotionally, or physically, or mentally, I always, always and in ALL WAYS try to help. 

It is currently 1:01p.m. here in my small town of Montevideo, Minnesota. I have eaten a bowl of tomato soup, with crackers of course because I didn’t want Just brothy liquid. For the last hour and a half of my day the phrase, Take for granted has been resonating in my head. 

If you read my last post it may seem like a post about making excuses. I haven’t blogged because, well, life. It’s been busy and I am trying to get back to normal with my health. Ever since the phrase Take for granted has been swirling like foggy chocolate ice cream in my head. And it gave me a head ache. 

I think it all started when I began watching a series on Netflix about flight, airports and all the things that need to be taken into play. For example, in the last episode they mentioned a statistic that right now, at any given moment, any moment in time, right now as you read this and if you read this again in five hours, five days, five months or five years, even at that moment in time, THERE WILL BE NO LESS THAN 1 MILLION PEOPLE ON A PLANE SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD!!! Talk about taking something for granted, right? 

So, you may be like me and wonder, okay, you’re talking about taking things for granted, but what exactly does that phrase mean? Well, I looked it up on You’re welcome. 

take for granted

phrase of grant


fail to properly appreciate (someone or something), especially as a result of overfamiliarity.

“the comforts that people take for granted”


assume that something is true without questioning it.

With this definition, yes, you may even take for granted this blog post. Are you assuming everything I have said, or will say is true without questioning it? How many millions of things are we taking for granted right now?! As I type this, my fingers fluidly move across my keyboard. As I type this, my lungs fill with air and I huffily breathe out. These are only two actions I take for granted. How many more do we take for granted every day? 

Is it possible to live so present in each waking moment that there is absolutely nothing we take for granted? Gravity. Breath. Life. Our job. Our relationships. The relationships that we will encounter and then move on from every single day!! 

I want to say thank you to the world. Thank you to every single living, breathing organism. Thank you to every rock! Thank you to every human being. You are why I am here and I don’t intend to take you all for granted!! I want to know you and think about you and smile. And I hope when you read or share this blog, you do the same. 

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