Has any quote ever affected your life?Everyday Inspiration: Day 5

Hook ’Em With a Quote’

Wow!!! Where do I begin with this one??? I could quote a dozen things from The Bible. I could quote Shakespeare, or any of a dozen philosophy genii! I could make an entire blog out of all the inspirational quotes from others that have affected my life. 

But, I am an original and this is the perfect time to share an original quote. Well, it’s an original from The Holy Spirit. A few years ago I had the phrase come to me on which this blog is based- I Make Positive Actions Come True. Imagine if we all did that!! Positive actions influence positive results for other people!! That has to feel really good, doesn’t it? Imagine if we all lived our lives for other people. What positive actions can you make come true today? Come to think of it, this can even be positive actions for you! Do you need to become healthier? Do you need to work toward a goal? Do you need to work on relationships? When you live by making positive actions come true, you will surely live a life of I.M.P.A.C.T. 

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