Cloak Of Knowledge. 

A cloak brings cover and security, doesn’t it? It allows us to hide. It brings us power. It has been said that knowledge is power. Therefore, knowledge is a cloak. But, in my view, a cloak also takes away our clear vision. It creates blinspots. 

Knowledge is power once we realize that we don’t know it all and can always continue learning. I have been learning new things and old things about new things and new things about old things for 41 years now. Am I even close to figuring out every aspect of this life? No! 

But, I am Daily, and every moment, connected to The One who does have it all figured out. He holds my future and there can be no cloak to shield His eyes from view of every aspect of this universe. For me, that makes me feel loved and speacial. So I can now remove the cloak of having all the answers. Which frees up my view point to gain that knowledge through closer walks with Him. And when I am in a closer walk with Him, I am cloaked in His love and safety! I can take every step of my life in faith that He will not lead me into danger. 

I am cloaked and yet free!!  

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