Just Don’t Do It. 

Nike has a slogan that says, ‘Just do it.’ It’s a funny thing with succumbing to something. We need to ask ourselves first, will this be good for me if I do? 

With Nike’s slogan, I believe it meant, ‘Just put on our shoes and we will take care of the rest. Run. Exercise. Get out. Just Do It!’ This is, of course, a good example of when to succumb to the pressure of perserverance or temptation. 

But, every single day, we all have this little voice on our shoulder saying, ‘Just Do It!!’ Just eat the food that’s bad for you. Just sit on the couch and watch t.v. Just hurt your friend, family member, spouse, coworker, whomever! Just get what you want! Just Do It!! We need to figure out what this voice is telling us to do and if it will have negative consequences for us, or any other human being, we ought not to do it!! Do not succumb to that evil. 

If the actions you are going to take from today forward through the rest of your life have negative consequences for anyone else on this planet, I want you to listen to the voice that is saying, ‘Just Don’t Do It!’ We need to strive to acquire the actions that will bring about positivity. In this way, we will all have I.M.P.A.C.T. 

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