The Opposite Of Upscale. 

I am once again watching a film my wife and I became enthused by last summer. The film is titled Nerve. A film that discusses the dangers of life becoming a popularity contest. Watchers create dares for players to complete and they then donate money to complete the dare. It is one giant popularity contest, but that’s the world we live in now, isn’t it? 

A person is upscaled in popularity by their views they get. CONFESSION TIME – I still get wrapped up in this way of thinking from time to time as well. Why does this happen? Because we either never focus on, or we lose our focus on where it should be placed. We need to upscale our thinking to kingdom thinking. If it is a thing of God, it is where we are meant to place our thoughts and actions. 

The creator of the Universe is about as upscaled as it can get, don’t ya think? Numbers, popularity, views, actions, words, they all pale in comparison of the love Jesus Christ has for each and every human being on this planet! When the creator of the Universe has enough love for you that He sends Jesus to take the punishment for sin, it doesn’t get any more upscaled than that! The pinnacle of our existence needs to become Jesus. If it doesnt, our life will tragically end being pushed away from Him for Eternity. And that is the opposite of an upscale. 

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