Checked Out!! 

I admit it, I have been checked out in a variety of areas of my life lately. I have a blog I have just come in to check on a daily basis. I haven’t written much of anything in days. And it shows! Worst week on record at this week! I have not been engaged at all. I haven’t been to many other blogs either. Why? 

Well, I haven’t meant to, but I have checked out. I have an upcoming surgery in six weeks from this coming Thursday and I need to make sure all my ducks are in a row and bases are covered. Three months is a long time to be laid up! And the doctors have said it could be longer. It all depends on how I heal. 

DJ Systems, Walmart, the homefront with my wife, they will all continue without me for as long as it takes. 

To be continued…. life beckons!! 

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