Another Day, It Really Is. 

It has truly been a week of surrealism! Finally on day four of this terrible flu (which I cannot afford) I am back to feeling real again. It is not easy when it is currently Thursday afternoon and the only thing you have been able to keep in your body since SUNDAY is chicken and rice soup, with saltines, of course, and Gatorade, water and a couple cans of Sierra Mist. Thank The Lord, today has been the day to keep it all in my system where it belongs! 

I have truly missed blogging. But, I have had a lot going on with this flu. Rest and fluids. That’s the key! No, I didn’t go into the hospital. No, I am not fully rehydrated yet, but I do not care! It is a process that I don’t feel the need to involve someone who will charge me a few hundred dollars for their advice, which I already know. 100ml Of liquid in per hour at a steady drip (or sip) in my case, for as long as 48 hours. Yes, the Hospital can speed up that process, but seriously, why?! 

The real me is coming back to life. I now have 6 weeks until my surgery date and I don’t intend to have it rescheduled again! Hydration is the motto! And doing what needs to be done. 

That is the day in the life of Rolling Blogger and I hope it has a positive I.M.P.A.C.T. on you. 

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