Sinatra Would Be Proud. 

As I type this I am watching a classic from 1986, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. I truly hope I have some readers who are old enough to remember this classic when it originally came out 30 years ago!! If not, I’ll spell it out. 

Matthew Broderick (Inspector Gadget) lives in a suburb of Chicago and fakes being sick so he can take his girlfriend and his best friend (who is actually sick) into the city for the day. He makes his best friend give him the keys to his dad’s 1961 Ferrari GT California, a Sweet automobile, if you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up. They have many adventures during the day and all ends well. 

Another film that takes place in a suburb of Chicago is Adventures In Babysitting. A babysitter has to take the kids in her care to the city to pick up her best friend who is in a jam. They end up in a lot of sticky situations. It’s not as good as Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, but it has its moments. What I got to thinking tonight, both of these films were filmed the same year, what if these events happened at the same time??! Could there be a crossover??! Or am I just a fan of these movies and thinking too deep?

Frank Sinatra called it a toddlin’ town. And we all know that events happen simultaneously all the time in this world. As I type this any number of events that can possibly happen in life are happening to someone, somewhere right now. What if Ferris was involved in Adventures In Babysitting. I mean, look at Cameron!! I take back that last part. That was mean. Cameron makes the whole film!! What are your thoughts? 

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