The Other Side Of The Coin.

I had a thought this evening as I was getting ready for sleep, hush Editor, yes I am aware it is not even 10p.m. and I am writing this just before I lie my head down to solitude and slumber. But, I digress.

My thought was, we all have times where we grunt and grumble, rant and rave. What would happen if we all took the time to look at the exact flip side of the coin? What I am talking about here is the hot-button issues. Here in The Used To Be United States Of America as I now call it, we have two sides to every single thing that happens and everyone has their own opinion on it, and 98% of us won’t budge on our stance. Yes, I am guilty of this too!

But, seriously, what if for one day, one week, however long it took, we flipped the script and looked at every single one of our own hot button issues from the exact opposite side of what we believe? Would this be a good thing? Could this possibly create more United back in our States? Or do you think this could be a bad tool and would only cause more divisions? I’d love to hear your opinions, I will keep and open mind on this discussion, if one actually ensues.

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