I have a fascination with hats! I love all hats. But tonight, I came to a realization about one of my favorite style of hats – baseball caps.

I have worn them backward. I have worn them forward. I have not done the former in a long long time! I am not trying to say that people who wear them backward are childish, or less intelligent, but–

I think this image from http://followthemanrules.blogspot.com/2012/08/man-rule-dont-wear-baseball-caps.html?m=1 is HILARIOUS!! Um, boy trying to look cool, you know that thing in the FRONT OF THE HAT YOU ARE WEARING is called a bill and it can be used to shade the sun from your eyes and face. Farmers have been doing it for generations–

This image from http://dreamstop.com/farmer-dream-symbol/

I must be getting old, or out of touch with what is cool. Because, I don’t think wearing a hat backwards is cool anymore.

Who does this rolling blogger guy think he is, right? Well, I’m just a guy trying to make the world great again, starting right here in America-

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