Tied Together.

A message seems to be weaving through my day! God, to me, is obviously speaking!! And I would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you!!

Earlier I spoke about looking forward to something and when that something is replaced by something else, we don’t mind. We are still joyous about what we have. This Message from Steven Furtick speaks along the same lines. My friends, a very dear friend lost her life this morning as she has been battling cancer in her brain. They fought it, it came back, they fought it, it came back. It would be easy for us to say she lost the battle. My friends, no she didn’t! She is in the glory of The Lord as I type this right now!!

The sight of the funeral director hearse in front of their home this morning is something I will never forget! The sight of a body bag coming from the home is something I will never forget! In that moment, I could have been thinking about sleep. I could have been in the deepest sleep at that moment, but life had other plans and I am glad it did!

It made me realize that people are so important. Moments are so important! I have been going through degenerative disc disease and it is painful!! It hurts! But, I have no idea how these moments can be used to bless another. My pain could be someone else’s salvation in their battle. God sees the entire photograph of my life. He is painting the brush strokes of His masterpiece in my life. I need to stay focused on this moment because someone else may be dependent upon it.

Our moments are woven together, my friends. You and I are tied together through Rolling Blogger if you are now reading this. Nothing ever can take away the connection we have in this moment as you read these words. And God is throughout the scenes making great things come about from our actions. As I write this I am in the moment, but my mind wanders to the future, curious of whom these words may touch.

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