Waiting Game.

Today I was supposed to have surgery. If all went as I had originally planned, I probably would have either been out of recovery a very short time at this moment, or coming out of recovery soon. It’s always hard to know a timeline exactly without having to go through the experience. But, the surgery was meant to last five and a half hours and I assumed recovery would have been at least another 3-4 hours.

I haven’t had a surgery of this length or seriousness in a very long time! I think the last time I had a procedure that is this in-depth was 1993. 24 years, that’s a long time! Trust me, it is, but it goes by in a blink!

So, I was not up to health recommendations for the surgery today, but my doctor feels confident with rest and plenty of fluids I should be good to go in 2 weeks, so, December 21st is when it is currently rescheduled- Again. Yes, that’s right. This is not the first time we rescheduled this beast! God sees what we don’t, so I am taking a leap of faith in believing that God has prevented some pretty tragic results with these set backs.

I have not written much this past week or two. My mind has been completely in line with getting this surgery done. I am hoping to jump back into the swing of this blog today and in the coming days. I want to bridge the gorge that has appeared in my views.

5 thoughts on “Waiting Game.

  1. Definitely best to delay surgery if your body isn’t quite strong enough. As for blogging, post whenever you can and want to, and don’t worry about the “views” – those stats are meaningless. We’ll all still be here for you, whether the views count us or not.

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