Hello, Rolling Blogger Fans!!!

So, I haven’t blogged in about a week, why? It was 1 week ago today I looked like This–

December 21, 2017 I had spinal Oblation surgery! Praise The Lord, it was originally going to be a fusion!! I was saved from a fusion and had no hardware placed in my body!

As of Tuesday, December 26, 2017 I have been in physical therapy at my local retirement home. I am not allowed to lift over 10 pounds, so I need to be here to let my body heal and take care of its needs.

This is me today!! And I learned a valuable lesson, even when you think you can, you maybe shouldn’t! I think I pushed myself too hard and I am feeling some serious pain this evening. I don’t believe I have done irreparable damage, but I know for the next few days or week or so, I have to stay within my limits.

I have often said, Push beyond your limits! This is the only way you will know how strong you truly are! However, when your doctor says these are the limits and then you go a moment beyond those limits, you can do serious harm to the work being done within you. A quote from The Bible comes to mind, ‘Being confident of this, that He who created a good work in you will carry it through to the day of Jesus Christ.’ Philippians 1:6

Sometimes we need to slow down and let God complete His work in us through our attitude of gratitude enduring adversity and a long uphill battle. I forgot that today and thought, ‘No, I can do this! I have to push myself.’ And now I am experiencing pain in an area of my neck that needs healing. Remember, there is no time limit to healing, but don’t let anyone push you to a point when any type of healing is going on where you begin to see deficits. That is not healing and the original plan can either be ruined or take longer to accomplish.

Lesson Learned today!!

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