Star date: Week One.

Spinal Decompression surgery took place two weeks from this coming Thursday. The date of surgery was December 21,2017. And now, here we are at the end of day two of 2018!! Time flies, doesn’t it?

Not much else to report. I had thought yesterday that I was making great progress, but when you overdo it, you fall backwards. My advice– don’t do that.

It has been one week in a place I feel so out of place. I am older than some of the staff, yet younger than every single other resident here. I feel there is a learning opportunity here and I intend to take it as such. I looked around the dining room today at lunch and my heart was filled with love and my eyes were filled with tears. I realized, my own parents whom I love so much more than I often show, are either within ten to fifteen years of most of the residents here. That hit me. How many years have I spent going after my own aspirations? How many years have they spent trying to help me get there?

I am not one for New Years resolutions, but I want this this to be the turning of a leaf for relationships. I am not the only one on this planet that matters. Neither are you. We all matter. We all have goals and resolutions. Resolutions, to have resolve. To have resolve means to decide firmly on a course of action. As we embark on 2018, day three for me is coming up in 4.5 hours, what can you or I Resolve to change about ourselves or do better so that others may be put before us? After all, we don’t have a stars date to make the lives of those around us better. We only get about 80-100 years (if we are undeniably lucky!) to create new great things that future generations can use to make their lives better. That’s not much time, my friends. Just like this last week in my physical rehabilitation facility has gone so fast, the rest of our lives will go by in the blink of an eye. I resolve to not waste anymore of it.

5 thoughts on “Star date: Week One.

    1. There has already been a handful of times they have told me to slow down. I keep forgetting that they split the muscles in my shoulders and neck down to the spine to do the surgery. That makes for some painful moments when I forget and push further than I think I can.


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