Never Thought It Would Happen So Soon.

I have now finished day number eight at the nursing home that is bringing me back to tip top shape after surgery. And on day number eight, I had my first experience with homesickness during lunch.

I have been away from home for more than 8 days before, but I have not been away from my wife that long. Yes, I do get to see her here because she works for the same nursing home I am in, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, it’s not the same.

I was eating lunch and I finished and went to look out one of the many windows we have access to here. As I peered outside at the world going by, I pondered the thought, ‘I could die. I could vanish from this world and yes, quite a few people would notice and grieve my loss. But that’s not enough! I haven’t yet made a worldwide change! I need to get out and take action with everyone with whom I come in contact! This world will still go on turning on the day I leave it, but I need my mark to be bigger! I need to take advantage of more chances.’

We sometimes only get one chance to make a difference. A person you pass by on your drive or walk to work. One chance. One encounter. It may mean nothing, but what if it could mean something? What if you stopped? What if you struck up a conversation? What if you realized you had a lot in common? Sure, you could find you don’t have anything in common, or you could find you truly annoy one another. But what if you don’t take that chance?

In 1992, I took a chance. I took a Spanish class in high school. Me? Learn a second language? No way!! But I did! Sure, it wasn’t fluent. I couldn’t go to a Spanish speaking country and make my way about getting my Daily needs met, but I could still ask for a bathroom, or water. That’s about it.

Earlier today I learned that the person who taught me all this Spanish knowledge passed away sometime last night, or early this morning from a heart attack. I didn’t know her exact age, but I believe she was in her 60’s. In my mind, that is far too young!! My parents are entering their 70’s and losing them to death anytime in the next 20 years seems too soon for me as well. Let’s just say, death, is one of those things I have been trying to get a handle on and get a grip on my emotions over. As of the wringing of this post, I admit, I don’t handle loss or death without serious grief.

It is hard for me to rectify the fact that I know Jesus Christ and I know The Bible and yet, I am still so distraught by any deaths or loss of any kind from human relationships. I need to refocus my thoughts and actions to become more like Christ so that I realize those I know who are in Christ Jesus I will never truly lose. It makes death more acceptable when we live in the possibility that there will come a day we will see our loved ones who are in Christ as well in Heaven.

I hope this blog post gets you pondering the losses you have endured and visiting back to the question, ‘Did they know Jesus?’ And quite possibly more important, your own spiritual journey. When Jesus Christ said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to The Father but by me.’ in John 14:6 in The Bible, He wasn’t just speaking thin air. He wasn’t just giving a recommendation saying, ‘Yeah, you can follow me, but there’s other ways too. As long as you’re not an overall bad person. I’ll weigh everything and let you know.’ NO!!

HE GAVE US THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THAT ONE VERSE!!!! KNOW JESUS KNOW HEAVEN. NO JESUS, NO HEAVEN!! Heaven is not a party you can expect to crash without knowing The One who is throwing the party! Do you know Him?

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